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Mocha Evoccino IsoJect, presumably Evogen’s mocha cappuccino protein

Mocha Evoccino IsoJect

When Evogen originally launched its one and only protein powder IsoJect, back in 2015, it was introduced in five different options. It included the four actual flavors still available today in Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Vanilla Bean, and Cinnamon Roll, as well as an unflavored option called Multi-Purpose.

After all this time it finally looks like Evogen is going to add to the menu of its protein powder. Details have surfaced of a sample of a new IsoJect flavor called Mocha Evoccino, which based on its name we presume to be Evogen’s take on a mocha cappuccino protein.

That now makes it a total of three releases named and on the way from Evogen, with the other two being the recently revealed multi-vitamin EvoVite and the second entry into the brand’s Naturals line, Evogreens.