Marc Lobliner’s Ruckus getting an update just like Clash

New MTS Ruckus

Back in March Marc Lobliner unveiled his new and greatly improved pre-workout MTS Clash, featuring a number of impressive additions to its original formula. It now looks like Lobliner plans on doing a similar kind of thing to his other pre-workout MTS Ruckus.

It has now been confirmed that a new and improved Ruckus is on the way, which we are definitely excited for after seeing what Lobliner did to Clash. For those unfamiliar with Ruckus, it is Lobliner’s more recent and stimulant reliant pre-workout, compared to the milder, but performance packed Clash.

We don’t yet know anything about the changes in the updated MTS Ruckus, only that it’s had a few tweaks made to it. As soon as more information comes in we’ll share it right away, so if you’re an MTS or Ruckus fan, be sure to stay tuned.