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BPS Pharma confirms three ingredients for its summer pre-workout

Not4Pussy Once A Summa

Following its recent unveiling of the upcoming #Not4Pussy series pre-workout #Not4Pussy 1Once-A-Summa edition. BPS Pharma has confirmed three of the supplement’s 12 ingredients, and plans on revealing a few more leading up to the limited edition product’s launch.

The three features we know for sure are going to be in BPS Pharma’s new #Not4Pussy pre-workout are 8mg of yohimbine HCl, 30mg of EGCG, and 10mg of BioPerine to enhance absorption of the formula. Based on that it would be good to assume that the rest of the #Not4Pussy 1Once-A-Summa ingredients are also going to be transparently dosed, meaning the supplement will list each one with its exact dose.

Another thing you can probably expect with this one is that BPS Pharma won’t shy away from the more powerful stimulants on the market. In two of the German brand’s other supplements, it does use the controversial DMAA and the powerful stimulant in a lot of our favorite pre-workouts DMHA. For now, however, those three ingredients are all we know of, although as mentioned stay tuned as more will be revealed soon.