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Nutrakey confirms HydroMax, citrulline, and flavors for TruPre


Last month Nutrakey unveiled an entirely new supplement it has coming soon, with the exciting looking pre-workout TruPre. The product was confirmed to feature a solid 6g of BCAAs, with this week bringing another update confirming two more ingredients and its full list of flavors.

As well as featuring 6g of BCAAs, Nutrakey’s upcoming TruPre is going to have 1.5g of the pump intensifier HydroMax glycerol and 6g of another pump ingredient, citrulline malate. As for the flavors the pre-workout will have on its menu, fans are in for four different options in Sour Gummy Worms, Tahitian Fruit Punch, Blue Rock Candy, and the seemingly Skittles-inspired Rainbow.

The latest from Nutrakey further confirms that its new TruPre is going to be a fully dosed pre-workout formula as we initially suspected when the BCAA dose was revealed. It now also looks like the brand plans on hitting it home with a variety of creative, mostly candy inspired flavors.