Ultrisine coming soon to Bodybuilding.com with a 25% cheaper price

Jun 10th, 2017

Since it launched earlier this year, MHP’s altneratively branded, clinically studied, and patent pending formula Ultrisine, has been exclusively available at the retailer GNC. At the moment that does still appear to be the case, although very soon it is going to change.

The massive online retailer Bodybuilding.com is now officially listing MHP’s weight loss supplement Ultrisine, with the exact same formula and in the exact same 60 capsule size. The big question, however, is the wider availability going to bring any competition in price?

The answer to that price question does appear to be yes. While Ultrisine is not in stock yet at Bodybuilding.com, it does already have a price online of $59.99, which is 25% cheaper than GNC. If you’ve been wanting to try Ultrisine and would prefer that better price, you can sign up to be notified when the fat burner hits Bodybuilding.com on the product’s page.