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Weighted Life pre-workout Don’t Give A F#$k featuring DMHA and DAA

weighted life DGAF

Weighted Life Supplements is a very new brand that started its journey late last year. Like a lot of top rated companies, Weighted Life initially tested its first product for feedback, then a few months ago it put that product into production.

Test boosting pre-workout

The first ever Weighted Life supplement is now available, with the pre-workout competitor titled DGAF, which stands for “Don’t Give A F#$k”. The product’s formula well and truly backs up that name by packing ingredients for all the essential pre-workouts effects including increased energy, focus, strength, pump, and testosterone.

Weighted Life DGAF features a fairly straightforward combination of seven different ingredients. The combination, however, is still very unique, with a variety of features we’ve only seen in a handful of other supplements.

Unique formula

The two most common ingredients in DGAF are beta-alanine dosed at the common 3.2g per serving, and 3g of pure citrulline that’ll help with muscle pumps. A few other ingredients pre-workout fans might be familiar are 100mg of the powerful mind and body stimulant DMHA, 300mg of caffeine, 20mg of the focus powering noopept, and 100mcg of huperzine A.

weighted life  DGAF

The seventh and final feature in Weighted Life DGAF is where you get something a little different with 2g of d-aspartic acid (DAA). For those unfamiliar with that ingredient, it is much more common in muscle builders as it’s generally promoted to boost testosterone. DAA can, however, be found in a couple of other pre-workouts such as Black Market’s AdreNOlyn Bulk at a lighter 1.5g, as well as in MAN’s PepTest Bulk at a heavier 3.12g.

Two unique flavors

At the moment the best place to get Weighted Life Supplements’ one and only product is through its own official website at The price on it direct is unfortunately relatively high, but not too bad at $44.95 for a full size 30 serving tub. Like its formula, DGAF currently comes in two unique tastes with Cobras Blood and Snake Venom.