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BCAA Apocalypse another competitively priced MuscleMaxx supplement

BCAA Apocalypse

Earlier this week we shared details on MuscleMaxx’s first new supplement in a very long time, introducing the very cost-effective pre-workout Pre Apocalypse. Today we have another new MuscleMaxx product to share with the similarly named, but slightly less complex formula BCAA Apocalypse.

The second new MuscleMaxx supplement for the week is like a lot of its competitors and designed to help with recovery and muscle building. As mentioned, its formula is relatively straightforward featuring a typical 5g of BCAAs at the usual 2:1:1 ratio, and a gram each of glutamine and taurine.

BCAA Apocalypse

While BCAA Apocalypse features a simple combination of ingredients, it does set itself apart from its many competitors with the number of servings it has. Instead of going with the usual 30, MuscleMaxx has packed its amino product with almost twice that at 50. It also comes in the same two flavors as Pre Apocalypse with Blue Wraithberry and Red Punch Napalm.

MuscleMaxx fans looking to try one of the brand’s latest supplements can now grab BCAA Apocalypse from quite a few places. The one worth checking out would be Muscle & Strength, the same location that is currently running a BOGO on Pre Apocalypse. The store is also actually running a BOGO on BCAA Apocalypse which gets you an incredible 100 servings of the product for just $40.