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Medi-Evil relaunches BCAA Assault with a 8:1:1 ratio

BCAA Assault

Last year the UK company Medi-Evil Nutrition launched BCAA Assault, which despite its name sounding quite complete, was a very straightforward supplement. A little over one year later the brand has relaunched the simple product with a slightly different formula.

The main features of Medi-Evil’s BCAA Assault are exactly much the same with 50 servings per tub, and its only ingredient being BCAAs for improved muscle building and recovery. Where the brand has made its change is the ratio of BCAAs, as instead of being at the usual 2:1:1, BCAA Assault now has a leucine heavy 8:1:1 ratio.

Medi-Evil has already added its new BCAA Assault to its official online store where it’s currently has a price of £23.99 for its one unflavored, 50 serving tub.

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