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Caliber Nutrition and its synergistic pre-workout Smokin Guns

Smokin Guns pre-workout

Caliber Nutrition is an all-new company that is taking on the industry with just the one supplement to start. That one supplement is the well rounded pre-workout formula Smokin Guns which promises to deliver a complete experience with no crash energy, improved pump and recovery, increased focus, and enhanced endurance.

Last pre-workout you’ll buy

Caliber Nutrition confidently promotes its new Smokin Guns as the last pre-workout you’ll buy. The brand says it spent months upon months testing and tweaking the product to come up with an effective combination of ingredients that all work together to help you maximize your workouts.

Smokin Guns pre-workout

Unique mix of ingredients

Much like the description of the Caliber Nutrition supplement, the formula behind Smokin Guns is quite unique, with a wide variety of common and not so common pre-workout ingredients. All of the features in the product are broken up into two non-transparent blends, one for its performance, endurance, and pump effects, and the other for energy and mental focus.

Smokin Guns’ first blend is its Endurance Pump Complex, weighing in at 11.25g and made up of citrulline malate, beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, dicreatine malate, beet root powder, taurine, coconut water, and rhodiola. The second blend, the Focus & Energy Complex tips the scales at 2.04g and combines phenylalanine, glucuronolactone, n-acetyl carnitine, green coffee bean, chocolate bean, theanine, velvet bean, inositol, and phosphatidylserine.

Smokin Guns pre-workout

$1.50 per serving servings

Currently, there are only a couple of places you can get your hands on Caliber Nutrition’s Smokin Guns. You can head to the mainstream retailer Amazon where the supplement has a price of $44.99 for 30 Bullet Punch flavored servings, which is the same price the supplement retailer Same Day has Smokin Guns for.

There is actually one other option for Smokin Guns if you decide to shop at Same Day Supplements, specifically for those who prefer to try before they buy a full tub. That other option is a single serving sample packet that’ll cost you $1.99 each. Also for even more information on Smokin Guns, it is worth checking out Caliber Nutrition’s website which is loaded with things like breakdowns of each of the product’s ingredients and frequently asked questions.