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Caramel Peanut FitCrunch Review: Thick mix of chocolate and caramel

Caramel Peanut FitCrunch Review

Chef Robert Irvine’s FitCrunch protein bar is a widely known and widely available protein bar. Here at Stack3d, we had tried samples of the product but never had the chance to give it the attention it deserves. This week we’ve actually had the opportunity to try an entirely new flavor from the brand with a Caramel Peanut FitCrunch.

Caramel Peanut FitCrunch macros

Before we get into how Robert Irvine’s new FitCrunch flavor tastes, we’ll quickly go over all of its macros, which are a bit higher than your typical protein bar. The product itself is relatively heavy, weighing in at 88g and providing a strong 30g of protein, mostly coming from whey and milk protein.

Rounding out the bar is 27g of carbohydrates with 2g of that fiber and 6g sugar, 16g of fat (8g saturated), and a total of 380 calories. As mentioned, its macros are a bit bigger than what you might be used to, although the numbers are all relative. FitCrunch does have a lot of calories, however, keep in mind it also has 50% more protein than most bars with 30g.

Caramel Peanut FitCrunch Review

All chocolate and caramel

We now move on to the taste of the new Caramel Peanut FitCrunch, which fits in pretty well with the reputation of the Robert Irvine creation. The bar itself is relatively thick, but that is to be expected knowing the numbers behind it. The thickness does, of course, end up making it a little denser than a lot of its competitors, although its overall flavor is equally as thick.

The solid outer chocolate layer is where you get the first taste in the Caramel Peanut FitCrunch, providing a healthy hit of smooth chocolate flavor. Mixed into that is where the crunch comes in, which for a short moment does distract you a bit from the enjoyable chocolate outer.

After you bite in through the solid exterior, comes a combination of Caramel Peanut FitCrunch’s chewy, thick cookie center and tough, but delicious gooey caramel layer. When it all mixes together, it is a very chocolate and caramel dominant blend that makes up with darkness and density where it lacks sweetness and real candy like taste.

Caramel Peanut FitCrunch Review

We did find that a quick few seconds in the microwave does make the Caramel Peanut FitCrunch a much smoother experience, really loosening up the cookie center and gooey caramel. You are however still left with a chocolate and caramel heavy experience, and a small hint of peanut flavor. With all that said, there is nothing to complain about as that chocolate and caramel combination is quite the treat.

Caramel Peanut final words

Overall, the Caramel Peanut FitCrunch does not disappoint and leaves us with a great impression for our first real taste of FitCrunch. It is a heavy bar, which we feel puts it behind regarding density and consistency right from the start, although we would still say it’s ahead of strong, smaller competitors like MusclePharm’s Combat Crunch.

As mentioned our only knock on the bar is that it’s not as sweet as others out there such as ProSupps MyBar. It does make up for the downside with a full on experience, as its dense cookie and gooey caramel bring extra enjoyment with varying consistencies. The Caramel Peanut FitCrunch is also going to give fans of the bar something new and different to try, with its current options being Birthday Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter, and Cookies and Cream.