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Churro with cinnamon sugar 1 of the Dough Bar’s 5 new flavors

Churro Protein Doughnut

The deliciously creative Dough Bar has returned this month with a long list of new and incredibly good looking protein packed creations. The full list of releases includes a total of five different doughnuts, that all look and sound just as good as each other.

The delicious new Dough Bar doughnuts are Carrot Cake with a cream cheese glaze, Cupcake Frosting with vanilla cupcake goldfish and sprinkles, Acai with mixed fruit, and Cookie Dough with cookie crisps. The fifth and final doughnut is the one we feel looks the most mouth watering in Churro with cinnamon sugar.

The Dough Bar’s latest releases all, of course, keep with the brand’s reliable recipe providing 11g of protein and a total of between 173 to 208 calories, depending on the flavor. They all also cost the same at $16 for a box of four; however, there are a few variety packs available featuring the new flavors that make things a little more cost-effective.

For those unfamiliar with the Dough Bar ordering process, it is slightly different from what you might be used to. Basically, all orders placed through its website ship the following Monday, so if you want to try any of the new protein doughnut flavors as soon as possible, get your orders in sometime this week.

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