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John Meadows lowers Granite’s supplement prices by as much as 25%

Granite Supplements

John Meadows’ Granite Supplements brand has just made an announcement that should no doubt please a lot of its fans. The exciting news is that due to Granite’s growing success since launching back in February, it’s now able to make bigger purchases in regards to production. That has resulted in the brand’s own costs to be lowered and cheaper prices for almost the entire Granite line.

While we have seen supplement companies lower their direct prices before, we don’t think we’ve ever seen drops like this. The one product that has remained the same is Granite’s fat burner Lipocalypse, which is still $34.99 per bottle.

The Granite Supplements that are permanently cheaper compared to what they were introduced at include the recently released Adamantium Aminos, going from $37.99 to $34.99. Next, you have Arc Reactor, dropping just short of 20% from $48.99 to $39.99. Lastly is Keto Factor X and Recovery Factor X with a massive 25% difference as they were once $59.99, but are now $44.99.

You can see of the lower Granite Supplements prices for yourself on the brand’s online store at The most impressive thing about all of the changes is that the majority of the products have dropped lower than they were with Granite’s first major sale back in May.