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Jungle Juice and Cali Time Tea, Evogen’s new Lipocide IR flavors

Jungle Juice Lipocide IR

One of Evogen’s many recent announcements on top of its Essential Series unveiling and launch of its entirely new Evovite, the brand revealed that it’s put together a couple of new tastes for its flavored fat burner Lipocide IR. It was earlier this week that Evogen confirmed it has two more for the supplement, that would soon join the product’s one and only, original Fiery Fruit Punch.

Both of Evogen’s new Lipocide IR flavors have now been named, introducing the slightly more creative recipes Cali Time Tea and Jungle Juice. The latest efforts from the brand aren’t yet available on its website, but if they’re anything like Evogen’s new Mocha Evoccino IsoJect or Evovite, they’ll be online for purchase very soon.

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