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Lotus Dreamweaver for a rejuvenating and enlightening night of sleep

Lotus Dreamweaver

Limited Labs, the supplement company behind the industry’s first ever ketogenic sports drink Ketone.IO, has launched an entirely new formula named Lotus Dreamweaver. The product is a little like the brand’s other two items more than Ketone.IO as it is another capsule supplement.

The latest from Limited Labs is a formula built deep sleep and lucid dreaming, promising a “rejuvenating and enlightening night of sleep.” The ingredients behind Lotus Dreamweaver are all transparently dosed with 200mg each of the relaxing theanine and Oneirogenz (lotus and magnolia), 4mg each of galantamine and huperzine A, and 2.5mg of the classic sleep ingredient melatonin.

Lotus Dreamweaver

Limited Labs fans can now purchase the new Lotus Dreamweaver from the brand’s official online store at for $34.99. Each bottle packs a total of 60 capsules, enough to get you through 60 nights of sleep or 30 if you take Limited Labs’ recommended maximum, which would also double the doses listed above.