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Machine Sleep Aid promising 12 fully dosed sleep and recovery ingredients

Machine Sleep Aid

While Marc Lobliner’s red and black brand MTS Nutrition does compete in a lot of different categories, both big and small, there is one it has been missing from since the beginning. The sleep and recovery corner of the market is the place MTS is not; however, that is all about to change with the introduction of Machine Sleep Aid.

At the moment MTS has not released everything there is to know about Machine Sleep Aid, although based on what it has previewed and said, it sounds like a supplement worth getting excited about. Just three ingredients for the nighttime formula have been named this week with 200mg of KSM-66 ashwagandha for stress and fatigue support, mental clarity, concentration, as well as vigor and performance. The other two features are the commonly used sleep aids, melatonin at 3mg per serving and an unknown amount of GABA.

While three ingredients may not sound like a lot to be excited about, MTS has confirmed that those are only three of Machine Sleep Aid’s 12 different ingredients. Based on the brand’s last few releases you can probably count on MTS dosing those other nine Sleep Aid features relatively well, no doubt making for a complete, sleep improving, and recovery enhancing experience.

Marc Lobliner and MTS Nutrition have revealed that fans aren’t going to be waiting too long for the launch of Machine Sleep Aid, saying that it’ll be here sometime within the next couple of weeks. As we get closer to its release, an exact date for when the product will be available should be announced. For now, however, we do at least know where you’ll be able to get Sleep Aid first, and that is the home of MTS, Tiger Fitness.