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Nutrex’s Outrage Shot gets its most creative flavor yet

Margarita Lime Outrage

Over the past few months we’ve seen Nutrex add quite a few new flavors to its powder pre-workouts including an Apple Watermelon Outlift and more recently a Cosmic Burst Outlift AMPed. This week the brand has added another new flavor to one of its energy formulas, although this time it is the liquid supplement the Outrage Shot.

Previously Nutrex had three options to choose from for its Outrage Shot with the traditional tastes Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, and Green Apple. The product now comes in a much more uncommon flavor, with its most creative recipe yet in Margarita Lime.

Like it does with all of its releases, Nutrex has immediately made its new Margarita Lime Outrage Shot available through its online store. You can get it individually for $3.49, in cases of six for $19.95, or in cases of 12 for $36.95, with all three offers also having a buy two get one free offer.