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Blackstone Labs’ ultimate mass stack Metha-Quad Extreme returns

Metha-Quad Extreme

Blackstone Labs has officially brought back one of its original muscle building supplements, which was confirmed to be making a return just last week. Being completely revealed and released today is the hardcore brand’s ultimate mass stack Metha-Quad Extreme, which like the original, features a potent combination of four ingredients.

Being one of, if not the most powerful Blackstone Labs product, it’s no surprise that Metha-Quad Extreme promises to help in a lot of different areas. It aims to increase muscle size and strength, deliver dry muscle gains without unnecessary water retention, build dense muscle, and promote full, vascular pumps.

To create the powerful experience, Blackstone Labs has combined ingredients from a handful of its other well-known muscle building supplements. Each single Liposomal tablet serving of Metha-Quad Extreme packs 50mg of 1-DHEA from Chosen1, 50mg of 4-DHEA from Brutal 4ce, 50mg of Arimistane from Eradicate, and lastly 150mg of androsterone.

Metha-Quad Extreme

As mentioned above, Blackstone Labs’ returning Metha-Quad Extreme has been both revealed and released today. The brand’s ultimate mass stack obviously costs a little more than any of its other muscle builders, coming in at $99.99 for a full 30 serving bottle. One of the first places you can get it is through Blackstone’s website, although retailers like the always quick to stock Same Day Supplements will no doubt also be stocking it very soon.