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Myprotein removes, adds, and increases for MyPre V2

MyPre V2

Myprotein has launched a new version of its My Series pre-workout product MyPre, that goes by the name MyPre V2. Unlike a lot of other sequel supplements however, MyPre V2 could easily go by an entirely different name as it features a very different formula compared to its predecessor.

Still a complete pre-workout

While Myprotein’s updated MyPre does have a lot of ingredients from its original, there are also quite a few it doesn’t have as well as a handful of all-new ingredients. Despite all the changes made to its formula, MyPre V2 still promotes a similar experience to MyPre with explosive energy, anti-fatigue, muscle fuel, and destructive power.

Lost and consistent ingredients

Moving into the ingredients in Myprotein’s new MyPre V2, we’ll start with some of the features that have been taken out. V2 no longer has any BCAAs or EAAs, with the BCAAs previously weighing in at a solid 4g per maximum serving. Also missing from the sequel is the pump ingredient agmatine and d-aspartic acid, which was dosed at around 3g per maximum.

As for the features that have been carried over into MyPre V2, citrulline malate has remained with a 1:1 ratio, although at 3g per serving as opposed to 3g from two servings. Beta-alanine is another consistent ingredient at 3.2g per maximum serving, betaine at 3g, 1.5g of arginine AKG, a gram of choline bitartrate, 2g each of creatine monohydrate and HCl, and a 25% decrease in caffeine to 300mg.

MyPre V2

All-new features

Lastly, we have the all-new ingredients to MyPre V2, a combination of eight features, none of which were in MyPre. That list includes per two-scoop serving, a gram of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, 750mg of Nitrosigine, 100mg of TeaCrine theacrine, 3mg of yohimbine HCl and 2mg of alpha yohimbe, 25mg of AstraGin, a gram of Capsimax, and the usual 5mg dose of BioPerine black pepper.

The MyPre V2 formula does have areas that look familiar, however as mentioned earlier, it is very different from the original with a lot missing, but more for energy, pumps, and performance. With that in mind, the product is a sequel and is said to be better, so if you’re a fan of MyPre, there is a good chance you’ll like V2.

A little more expensive

Myprotein fans interested in taking the US sequel pre-workout MyPre V2 for a spin, can already purchase it from the brand’s US website. The regular price on the product is a little bit more than its predecessor at $34.99, although you do get a few more servings with 38, or 19 maximum two scoop servings. It currently comes in two fruit flavors with Blue Raspberry and Watermelon.