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New Hyde NitroX RTG also coming in a Pixie Dust flavor

Hyde NitroX RTG

Recently we confirmed that ProSupps has also put together an on-the-go version of its new NitroX Series pre-workout supplement Hyde NitroX. We said that it would be coming in four different flavors, although as it turns out we were one short.

On top of the four previously confirmed ProSupps Hyde NitroX RTG options, Blue Razz Popsicle, Lollipop Punch, Sour Green Apple, and What-O-Melon. Is going to be another candy inspired flavor from the powder Hyde menu with Pixie Dust. We also thought we’d take this time to explain how the Hyde RTG works, as we did get a lot of questions about that when we last posted on it.

One of the biggest highlights of ProSupps’ on-the-go version of its Hyde pre-workout, is that it features a formula identical to that of the powder. Not many products have that powder to RTD consistency, as not all powder ingredients are as easily packaged in liquid form. The Hyde RTG gets around this by storing its contents in powder form inside its lid. Then when a user wants to use the pre-workout, they push the lid down, which mixes the contents with water when needed, just like the powder.

While the Hyde NitroX RTG is not yet available for purchase, ProSupps has already added it to its online store in preparation for its upcoming arrival. The early listing also confirms that the supplement will cost you $47.99 for a case of 12 bottles, the same price as the previous Hyde RTG.