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Quantum Growth Project launching alongside Quantum Protein Project

Quantum Growth Project

Insane Labz recently announced that it’d be entering the popular protein powder category in the near future with a supplement called Quantum Protein Project. The protein is going to be infused with something called OxyGold to enhance absorption of all of the formula’s nutrients.

It turns out Insane Labz actually has another, similarly named supplement on the way titled Quantum Growth Project. While the brand hasn’t exactly confirmed what kind of product it is, we can’t help but think Quantum Growth Project is a mass protein or at least something in the same area as Quantum Protein due to its name likeness.

To go with the news of Quantum Growth Project, Insane Labz has also confirmed when the supplement is going to be available. The brand plans on unleashing the product on Sunday the 15th of October, which is the same day it plans on officially launching Quantum Protein Project, furthering the possibility that they’re related.

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