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Recon Nutrition confirms another supplement for its relaunch

Recon Nutrition Classified

It was recently revealed that Recon Nutrition is gearing up for what appears to be a big relaunch that is going to include the return of its flavored fat burner Thermonuke as well as its BCAA formula Recoil. This week the brand has confirmed one more supplement that’s coming with its relaunch and it’s not one we’ve seen before.

Recon Nutrition WMD is the third product named for the brand’s return, which is an entirely new pre-workout supplement. The only details we have for the upcoming WMD at the moment are a few effects Recon is promoting for it with “Combat like Adrenaline Energy”, “Extreme Muscle Pump”, and “Combat Ready Focus”.

The brand is saying more information will be revealed very soon, including what ingredients WMD is going to use to deliver on its promises of energy, focus, and pump.