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Recon Nutrition unveils the rest of its relaunch supplement line

RCN Nutrition Weaponize

The full list of supplements in Recon Nutrition’s upcoming relaunch appears to have been confirmed. The last time we checked in with the brand we knew of three that would be involved in the big return with the brand’s original Thermonuke, the amino Recoil, and an all-new pre-workout called WMD.

In total there are another three Recon products on top of the three we already knew about. Joining Thermonuke, Recoil, and WMD is the women’s version of Thermonuke called Thermonuke Pink Ops, the muscle builder Weaponize, and another supplement for the weight loss category with the capsule formula SGT. Slaughter.

The one last little piece of information we have is that Recon Nutrition’s big relaunch is going down sometime next month. That will include everything from pricing to formulas, as well as the availability of all of the products, with the brand’s own website likely to be the first place to stock everything.