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Campus Protein puts together an unbelievable deal on Quake

Scivation Quake

Campus Protein has hit the industry with a lot of awesome promotions and deals over the years, a lot of which have been well worth sharing here at Stack3d. This week the major retailer has done it once again with an incredible sale on Scivation’s powerhouse performance pre-workout Quake.

While Campus Protein’s Quake deal is very impressive, it is also quite simple. Basically, every tub of the Scivation pre-workout you purchase comes with another one free. The store’s prices on Quake are $29.99 for the smaller 20 serving tub and $54.99 for the double size 40 serving.

Scivation Quake

There is something else worth mentioning here, and we’re not quite sure if it’s a glitch or what the promotion is intended to be. It appears that the free tub of Quake can be either of its sizes, regardless of the first size you add. What that means is if you add a 20 serving tub to your cart, you can then get a free 20 or 40 serving, with the latter essentially making it a buy one get two tubs free.

We’ve taken a screenshot of how it is showing up on our end, but again we’re not sure if this is intended or some sort of glitch. Either way at the moment it’ll cost you $30 for 60 servings of Scivation Quake at Campus Protein, which is an unbelievable 50 cents per serving.

Update: Campus Protein has added a note saying the BOGO on Quake is for the same size, which is still the best deal we’ve seen on the supplement working out to as low as 70 cents per serving.