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Staunch Supplements introduces its fat burner Burning Man

Staunch Burning Man

It was just yesterday that we introduced Staunch Supplements, a relatively new brand inspired and backed by Calum Von Moger. A day later we’ve already got news of another entirely new product coming to the Staunch line-up called Burning Man.

Thermo, cravings, weight loss

The item on the way for Calum Von Moger’s line of supplements is going to be a fat burning formula, hence the name Staunch Burning Man. The product is designed to tackle weight loss on three fronts by improving thermogenesis, reducing cravings, and decreasing body fat.

At least six ingredients

When it comes to the ingredients in Staunch Burning Man, we have yet to see the official facts panel for the supplement so we can’t confirm everything that’s in it or all of its doses. We do however have a list of major features in the fat burner, naming six different ingredients and three doses.

The ingredients we know of in Burning Man are a gram of carnitine-l-tartrate, coleus forskohlii, caffeine, 100mg of Capsimax capsicum, green tea, and ThermoDiamine evodiamine at the same 10mg dose as it is in Pre Zero-Stim. As mentioned we don’t have the product’s official label just yet so we can’t confirm if that’s all there is to the formula or if there are a few other features.

Single and bulk options

Currently, Calum Von Moger’s Staunch Supplements is promoting its new weight loss product as coming soon on social media, although it does appear to already be available on its website. Direct Staunch Burning Man is priced at $39 for a full bottle or $99 for three which is a saving of a little over 16%.