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Staunch Supplements inspired and backed by Calum Von Moger

Staunch Supplements

Staunch Supplements is a new brand launched over the last couple of months that is inspired and backed by the Generation Iron 2 star Calum Von Moger. Staunch has started out with a relatively different line-up of products featuring a handful of semi-complex formulas and three different pre-workouts.

According to Staunch Supplements, the way to interpret its name or how it wants to come across is “firm or steadfast in principle, adherence, loyalty, etc., as a person”. Basically, a strong new brand that stands by reliable and honest products.

Staunch Supplements

Semi-complex supplements

We’ll start the break down of Staunch Supplements’ line-up with its semi-complex items which include Whey Isolate, an isolate protein powder featuring a blend of digestive enzymes. Next is BCAA + Hydration, a mix of coconut water and Sustamine glutamine for hydration, and a massive 7g of BCAAs for muscle building and recovery. Lastly, you have Creatine Five, a formula made up of five different types of creatine combining for a total of 4.95g per serving.

Staunch pre-workouts

We now move on to Calum Von Moger’s Staunch pre-workouts with Pre Original, Pre Zero-Stim, and Koala Freak. All of the products are fairly complete pre-workouts, featuring ingredients for energy, focus, strength, performance, and pump, although Pre Zero-Stim not so much when it comes to energy. From what we can tell the main thing separating the pre-workouts is their balance of effects, with Pre Zero-Stim being more about pump and no stimulants, Pre Original an even combination of everything, and Koala Freak better energy and performance.

Staunch Supplements’ Pre Original features a lot of solid highlights such as 6g of citrulline malate for muscle pumps, 2g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine for performance, and a light 180mg of caffeine for energy and focus. Pre Zero-Stim has a similar mix of ingredients, but with a few changes such as Nitrosigine instead of arginine AKG, orotic acid instead of beta-alanine, and a caffeine-free energy and focus blend.

Koala Freak

Premium Koala Freak

As for Koala Freak, that at least appears to be Staunch Supplements’ premium and most powerful pre-workout. It features a lot of the ingredients and doses found in Pre Original, as well as 33% more agmatine, double the beta-alanine, the addition of 450mg of Peak-ATP, and a slightly different energy and focus blend with twice as much caffeine at 360mg per serving.

Where to buy

To get a closer look at all of the Calum Von Moger backed Staunch Supplements check out There you can read more about each of the brand’s six products as well as purchase any of them. The pricing on the website isn’t too bad either, especially with three bottle bulk options available for all of the supplements, that can help you save around 10%.