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StimRush serving size more than tripled in size to 19g

BPS Stimrush

The first big move from BPS Nutrition has been revealed today, following Primeval Labs’ acquiring of the company just a few weeks ago. A preview has surfaced of a BPS supplement featuring an all-new look, which was one of the few things Primeval said it would be changing.

The updated BPS branding comes pictured on the pre-workout StimRush, which is different, although not by that much featuring a very similar layout of colors and information. The biggest change within it all is probably the BPS logo, as that has sneakily switched to a text only graphic and had a strikethrough added to it.

BPS Stimrush

While the cosmetic differences are the most obvious, there does also appear to be a few formula changes coming to BPS StimRush. While the fraction of the product’s facts panel in the preview doesn’t look to be altered, there are a few ingredient highlights on the front that says otherwise.

Based on the first look at the rebranded BPS StimRush, the pre-workout is going to be pumped up from a 5.5g serving size to a much larger 19.2g. That is going to include 4g of pure citrulline to increase muscle pumps, an ingredient not in the current StimRush, and what appears to be 4g of betaine anhydrous.

There is no word on when the new StimRush is going to launch or the rest of the line rebranded to match the previewed pre-workout.