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Grenade officially unveils a White Chocolate Carb Killa Shake

White Chocolate Carb Killa Shake

Grenade has officially unveiled its fourth flavor for its protein bar inspired spin-off, the Carb Killa Shake. Currently the on-the-go protein solution comes in three flavors that the original Carb Killa bar also comes in with Fudge Brownie, Chocolate Mint, and Cookies & Cream.

The new addition to Grenade’s delicious Carb Killa Shake menu is another Carb Killa bar option, or at least a similar one with White Chocolate. The protein bar related flavor is, of course, White Chocolate Cookie, which still to this day stands as one of, if not the best protein bar flavor on the market.

Grenade has already made its new White Chocolate Carb Killa Shake available through its official online store in packs of eight at £19.92 for UK fans and €25.99 for European.