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Custom Suppz take supplement customization to a whole new level

Custom Suppz

Custom Suppz is an all-new, New Zealand made company that stands by its name and takes supplement customization to a whole new level. The brand isn’t due to launch for another 24 days, although when it does, it’ll have two products available.

Ultimate customization

The two Custom Suppz supplements are appropriately named Custom Pre-Workout and Custom Protein Powder. Where the customization part comes in is when you order either of the products, you essentially get to pick what goes into their formulas.

Custom Pre-Workout

Custom Pre-Workout for example, has eight options available to help make it an experience ideal for you. Firstly you get to choose whether or not you want an energy blend in the supplement with either 50mg of caffeine and 250mg of guarana, 100mg and 500mg, or 200mg of caffeine and a gram of guarana per serving.

Custom Suppz

Some of the other interesting additions you can choose from for Custom Suppz Custom Pre-Workout include creatine monohydrate at either 2.5g, 5g, or 7g per serving. The performance enhancer beta-alanine at 1.5g, 3g, or 5g, and tyrosine for improved mental focus dosed at 100mg, 250mg, or half a gram per serving.

Custom Protein Powder

For Custom Suppz other product Custom Protein Powder, there are just as many options available, so it’s made the way you want it. You get to choose between two traditional tub sizes, whey concentrate or the faster absorbing whey isolate, chocolate or vanilla flavor, and a variety of add-ons such as creatine and carbohydrates.

Launching late next month

You can get a closer look at the unique Custom Suppz supplements at, and as mentioned the line is due to launch in 24 days’ time. Currently, you can pre-order through the brand’s website with the prices on both Custom Pre-Workout and Protein Powder all depending on how you customize them. While Custom Suppz is a New Zealand brand, it does have shipping options for those located in Australia as well.