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RSP combines recovery, growth, and strength with IsoPost


RSP Nutrition is back again this week with news of another upcoming supplement, following last month’s look at the real food formula TrueFit. The new product in the spotlight this time around is called IsoPost, another protein formula that focuses more on growth, strength, and recovery.

RSP’s IsoPost is essentially a loaded post-workout that also includes protein, which isn’t something you’ll get in all post-workout supplements. The macros making up the latest RSP creation are led by 26g of protein all coming from fast absorbing whey isolate. The rest of the numbers include a light one gram of carbohydrates, just 1.5g of fat (1g saturated), and a total of 120 calories.

As for the extras that make IsoPost more than just a whey isolate protein powder, RSP has thrown in five other main features. For better recovery there is 3g of glutamine, 2.5g of betaine for strength, 2g of carnitine l-tartrate, half a gram of ornithine AKG, and a 150mg enzyme blend to aid in digestion.

RSP Nutrition is due to release IsoPost through very soon where it will be available in the one 1.85lb, packing 20 servings. It’ll also have two not so traditional tastes for fans to choose from with Strawberry Kiwi and Lemon Lime Sherbet.