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Divided Labs Isovide protein said to be ridiculously delicious


Like a lot of other supplement companies, over the years Divided Labs has been asked when it’s going to be coming out with some sort of protein powder. The answer to that question now is very soon, as today the brand has unveiled its first ever protein product, Isovide.

Based on what Divided Labs has revealed so far, Iosvide is going to be a straightforward isolate formula with 30 servings of a hydrolyzed whey and isolate blend. With that being the case, the macros will likely be relatively lean for Isovide, or at least leaner than a protein that uses whey concentrate.

Where Divided Labs plans on making the supplement stand out in the crowded protein category, is with its flavoring. The Isovide is apparently ridiculously delicious, with three flavors confirmed so far in Chocolate Brownie, and two uncommon options with Salted Caramel and Milk N’ Cookies.

Isovide is due to release sometime soon directly through Divided Labs’ website. Like most new products, the brand plans on launching its protein with a special introductory discount, which you can sign up to its newsletter to be notified about at