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ANS launches its on-the-go keto friendly meal formula Ketosys


After unveiling it back at the beginning of June, this week ANS Performance has officially launched its appropriately named, premium ketogenic meal supplement, Ketosys. Previously we didn’t think we knew the whole Ketosys story, only a handful of its major macros from a single serving.

We can now confirm that there isn’t anything more to the latest ANS product outside of its nutrition numbers, as it is first and foremost a ketogenic meal formula. Due to the release of Ketosys, we can also confirm all of the ingredients responsible for its ketogenic macros that make it the premium supplement ANS promotes.


Ketosys is designed to help keto enthusiasts stay on track with their diet, providing an easy on-the-go keto friendly meal solution. Each of the product’s 62g servings leads with 32g of fat (22g saturated) from coconut and flaxseed oil as well as highly purified lecithin. Following that is 20g of protein from a blend of fast absorbing whey isolate and slow release micellar casein, 8g of carbohydrates with 5g of that fiber and a gram sugar, for a total of 400 calories.

As mentioned, this week ANS Performance has officially launched Ketosys with one of the first places stocking the ketogenic product being the brand’s own website. You can now purchase it directly from ANS for $44.99 per 2lb tub, which is enough powder for 14 servings. It currently comes in just two traditional tastes with Chocolate and Vanilla Chai.