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Purple Guava Pear Bang exclusive to the distributor Europa

Purple Guava Pear Bang RTD

In total VPX Sports has put together four all-new flavors for its popular creatine and BCAA infused energy drink, Bang. From that list of options made up of Peach Mango, Purple Guava Pear, Citrus Twist, and Root Beer Blaze, Purple Guava was previously the one we didn’t know enough about.

For those that missed our last post, Peach Mango is an exclusive Bang flavor for the Vitamin Shoppe, Citrus Twist is just for GNC, Root Beer Blaze is for everyone, and Purple Guava Pear is exclusive to a distributor. We can now confirm that distributor is none other than Europa, who pairs up nicely with Purple Guava Pear as its purple branding matches the flavor.

What this means is that any supplement retailer that purchases through Europa will have VPX Sports’ Purple Guava Pear Bang available to them. Those that do not will simply not have it.