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Quantum Growth Project featuring Insane Labz patented Growth 23

Quantum Growth Project

When Insane Labz first named its upcoming muscle builder Quantum Growth Project, we suspected it would be along the same lines as its upcoming protein, Quantum Protein Project. Our exact guess was some sort of mass protein seeing as Protein Project’s preview made it look like your more common protein powder.

Insane Labz has now released the first look at Quantum Growth Project, which confirms that the product is definitely not a mass protein supplement. While the aim of Growth Project is still to help you grow and build muscle, it will be doing so in capsule form, not powder of any kind.

With the first look at Insane Labz new Quantum Growth Project has also come confirmation of what we assume is one of its many ingredients. That ingredient is actually patented by the brand itself and goes by the name Growth 23.

While we do now have a much better idea of what Quantum Growth Project is going to be and look like, the launch of the supplement is still a while away. Based Insane Labz last update, the muscle building product is due to be available in a month or so from today on the 15th of October.