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Stampede Untamed named in latest Anabolic Designs teaser

Stampede Untamed

Shredabull Untamed is the latest weight loss competitor from the team over at Anabolic Designs, which following our recent review entered our list of top rated supplements. The brand has now dropped a teaser image for an upcoming product that looks like it’ll be carrying on that “Untamed” reputation.

At first, it doesn’t look like Anabolic Designs has revealed all that much in the teaser it’s released. On closer inspection however it becomes pretty clear what we’re in for. Below we’ve added a bit of brightness to the shadowed Anabolic Designs’ image, revealing the name Stampede Untamed.

Stampede Untamed

Fans of the brand will know Stampede is the name of Anabolic Designs’ pre-workout competitor, with Stampede Untamed presumably being an all-new version of it.

While the question of what’s coming does now appear to have an answer, we’re still uncertain as to what’s actually in the supplement. The formula is the most important part of a pre-workout, so there is still some excitement to come, although knowing Anabolic Designs it won’t likely disappoint.