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Warrior’s basic creatine formula gets two actual flavors

Warrior Creatine

Inside Warrior Supplements relatively large line of products available in the UK, is a basic series referred to as Warrior Essentials. It consists of a variety of simple supplements, one of which is Warrior Creatine, a formula featuring only creatine monohydrate.

Up until now fans have only had one flavor or at least one option to choose from for Warrior Creatine with a convenient Unflavored powder. This week Warrior Supplements has given the essential product two actual flavors with Blazin’ Berry and Savage Strawberry.

UK fans of Warrior Supplements can already find its latest releases at the retailer Bodybuilding Warehouse. The two actual Warrior Creatine flavors are priced the same as the unflavored original at £14.99 for a 500g tub.