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Biggest release in AllMax history dropping at the Olympia

AllMax Nutrition

AllMax Nutrition has joined the list of supplement companies introducing an all-new product at this weekend’s Olympia Expo in Las Vegas. The brand hasn’t revealed all that much about the product, just a blurred out teaser image and a handful of words.

What we know at the moment is that the upcoming AllMax supplement is coming in a traditional tub, suggesting of course that it is a powder formula. According to the brand itself, the product is also going to be the biggest release in AllMax history.

With all the clues, we’re left guessing that the new AllMax supplement debuting at the Olympia is some sort of pre-workout. It matches the size of the product in the teaser, it is a category brands place a lot of importance on, and AllMax hasn’t really launched a new pre-workout for quite some time.

Be sure to tune back in this Friday to find out what all of AllMax’s hype is about, as we will be coming to you live from the event at

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