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Iron and Biotin join the transparent Amazon Elements line

Amazon Elements

Back in February, the giant online retailer Amazon entered the supplement market with a line of four basic products called Amazon Elements. Not too long after it was introduced the line got a fifth supplement simply titled Magnesium.

Amazon Elements is now back again in September adding to its still relatively small collection of products. Joining the line this month is another two single ingredient formulas with the obviously named Biotin and Iron.

Amazon Elements

The new Amazon Elements Biotin packs 5,000mcg of biotin in each of its 130 capsules, with Iron containing 18mg of its title ingredient in each of its 195 capsules. Like the other five Amazon supplements, both Biotin and Iron come with their own in-depth certificates of analysis. To access them, all you need to do is scan the QR code on the product using the Amazon mobile app.

You can now purchase the two new Amazon Elements supplements over at Amazon, although as per usual they are only available to Amazon Prime members. The prices on them are $12.99 for Biotin and $11.99 for Iron.

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