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Amazon adds to its simple but very transparent Amazon Elements line

amazon magnesium

Earlier this year a new line of supplements was introduced from the king of all online stores, Amazon. The collection of products comes under the brand name Amazon Elements, which originally had just four self-explanatory formulas in it with Calcium Complex, Vitamin K2, Turmeric Root Extract, and Vitamin D2.

Only a couple months later Amazon has now decided it’s time to add to its still relatively small line of supplements with another basic, self-explanatory release. The new member of the Amazon Elements family is Magnesium, an obviously named product featuring 400mg of magnesium sourced from seawater in Seto Inland Sea, Japan, in each of its 65 capsules.

amazon magnesium

Like all of the other Amazon Elements supplements, the new Magnesium does come with a QR code on its label that you can scan to get a certificate of analysis for the product. It’s certainly a unique feature to the line, as while there are supplement companies out there that offer that level of transparency, none that we know of have gone through the effort to make it as conveniently accessible.

If you’d like to get your hands on the latest Amazon Elements release, it is now listed at, although the line is still not available to everyone. The online retailer is currently only offering its supplements to Prime Members, which if that does include you, Magnesium is in stock and available for purchase at $11.99 a bottle.

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