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Pre Jym’s citrulline malate listing altered for Canadian launch

Canadian Pre Jym

It was recently confirmed that Jim Stoppani’s Jym line of supplements was on its way to Popeye’s locations across Canada. Two of the products said to be involved in that Canadian launch were Stoppani’s protein powder Pro Jym and his original pre-workout Pre Jym.

To help clear up any confusion fans may have, Jim Stoppani has released a video going over a slight change to the label of Pre Jym for its Canadian launch. Due to regulations in the country, Stoppani had to alter the way his pre-workout lists its dose of 2:1 ratio citrulline malate.

Canadian Pre Jym

While the supplement does still have 6g of the proven ingredient per serving, the Canadian Pre Jym only lists how much of that is actual citrulline. So instead of saying 6g of citrulline malate at a 2:1 ratio which is 4g citrulline and 2g malic acid, the alternate label has only 4g of citrulline.

Basically, if you’re a Jym fan in Canada and are surprised when you see the small change, there’s no need to worry. The Pre Jym in Canada has the same formula as the original from the US, it’s only different on the outside.