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GAT unveils Psychon featuring a massive 8.2g of citrulline


Over the past couple of months we’ve seen a lot more brands put together heavier, fuller dosed pre-workouts. A couple recent examples would be MusclePharm and its first Stealth Series product Wreckage, and AllMax Nutrition’s new competitor Impact Igniter.

Following on from all of that it looks like GAT is going to be the next big brand to drop a fully loaded pre-workout. Today it has unveiled an upcoming supplement called Psychon, which is going to center around three major features. Those features are the performance-enhancing beta-alanine at 3.2g, a full 5g of BCAAs for improved recovery, and a massive 8.2g of muscle pumping citrulline.

From what we can tell, that 8.2g of citrulline is pure citrulline, not citrulline malate which would then mean that only a fraction of that 8.2g is citrulline. With that being the case, when it eventually arrives GAT’s new Psychon will be one of the heaviest citrulline dosed pre-workouts out there.

The launch timeframe of Psychon is pretty vague at the moment, with GAT only saying it’s coming soon. The brand has however been kind enough to confirm that it’ll be hitting shelves in a total of three different flavors with Pina Colada, Fruit Punch, and Watermelon.