Gold Standard Zone in the UK can win you some pretty big prizes

Sep 13th, 2017
Gold Standard Zone

Following Optimum’s announcement last week about the Gold Standard Zone, the traveling trailer filled with education, challenges, and samples. A different kind of Gold Standard Zone has shown up in the UK involving a massive 90 serving bag of Gold Standard 100% Whey and a supplement box set.

We’ll start with the bag of Gold Standard which comes with a special gold stamp on the front. On that stamp, it says that fans can win a prize with every pack and that it can be claimed at On the UK version of that site, Optimum has an impressive list of prizes confirmed for the promotion including Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H3 in-ear headphones, Optimum shakers and jugs, and Gold Standard Pre-Workout samples.

Gold Standard Zone

As for the supplement box set that’s shown up in relation to Optimum’s Gold Standard Zone, it’s a simple stack of protein and pre-workout. The protein is a 2lb tub of Double Rich Chocolate Gold Standard Whey and a small 88g tub of Gold Standard Pre-Workout. The box set doesn’t look like it has a prize stamp on it like the 90 serving bag; however, it does come with a free, limited edition shaker.

There is a retailer in the UK that already appears to have stock of both the Gold Standard Zone 90 serving whey and box set, and that is Tropicana Fitness. Through there the specially marked bag of protein will cost you £89.99 available in Chocolate and Vanilla, with the limited edition box set priced at £34.99.

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