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John Meadows introduces his hybrid pre-workout Speed Force

Granite Speed Force

John Meadows’ brand Granite Supplements has added a second pre-workout to its lineup this week, that’s actually a hybrid formula of sorts. The new product is called Speed Force, which combines effects and ingredients of a pre-workout as well as a fat burner.

Fat burning pre-workout

While John Meadows’ new Granite creation does sound like quite a complex supplement, it is surprisingly simple. Speed Force features a relatively short combination of just five commonly used ingredients to help increase energy and focus, improve strength, and burn fat.

Granite Speed Force

5 feature formula

The list of ingredients Granite has pulled together for its new hybrid pre-workout Speed Force include the performance enhancer beta-alanine at 1.6g per serving and 250mg of the classic stimulant caffeine. You then have 125mg of pure TeaCrine to further enhance the product’s energy, as well as 125mg of Sensoril ashwagandha and 40mg of the fat burner Paradoxine grains of paradise.

Just over $1 a serving

The latest formula from John Meadows and Granite Supplements is now available for pre-order through The price on the fat burning pre-workout is of course much better than the brand’s first and more packed pre-workout Arc Reactor at $34.99, with two flavors to choose from in Cherry-Lime and Sour Candy.

All pre-orders of Granite Speed Force made through the brand’s website are due to ship in less than one week from now on Wednesday the 4th of October.