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Sparta Nutrition previews Hydra Pump, its upcoming pump pre-workout

Hydra Pump

Sparta Nutrition fans already have enough to be excited about this month, as in August the brand unveiled its new Hydra8 BCAA, a packed out energy amino formula. That supplement is due to be available in roughly two weeks, around the Olympia, however, it turns out the product won’t be alone.

Now confirmed to be coming soon from Sparta Nutrition, and also due to launch around the upcoming Olympia is a supplement called Hydra Pump. The brand has dropped the news in combination with a preview of Hydra Pump itself, which gives us just enough information to know what kind of formula it is.

Based on Sparta Nutrition’s first look at Hydra Pump, we can tell you that the product is designed to enhance muscle pumps, endurance, and performance. It’s essentially a pre-workout that’s more focused on increasing pumps while you workout, and it will not have any stimulants in it, so it will likely be stackable with the top rated Kraken.

While we don’t have too much information to share for Sparta Nutrition’s Hydra Pump yet, that won’t be the case for much longer. As mentioned, the brand plans on releasing the no doubt packed out pump pre-workout later this month, around or a little after Hydra8 BCAA arrives.

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