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Kai Greene hints at returning to the IFBB stage in 2018

Kai Greene

While you will have seen the Predator Kai Greene do a lot this year if you follow him on social media, something you won’t have seen him do is compete. After a victory filled 2016, taking home three Arnold Classic titles, the face of Dynamik Muscle decided to dedicate his time to a number of other things this year.

In 2018 it’s looking like we might see the Predator return to the competitive bodybuilding stage, or at least that’s what a new teaser video suggests. Kai Greene has released a short clip featuring himself and someone else lifting heavy and hard, which also includes product drops of his pre-workout Savage Roar and brand name Dynamik Muscle.

As interesting as the training footage is, that’s not what’s hinting at Kai Greene getting back on stage. Alongside the video are the words “The Predator awakens #IFBB #2018”, which certainly suggests to us Kai may be doing something related to the IFBB next year, such as competing in an IFBB Pro show.