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Magnum hyping a mystery red supplement for October


Magnum Nutraceuticals is another brand that’s thrown its hat into the new supplement ring this week, dropping a teaser of some sort of powder formula. The brand has really only released one thing for the mystery product, and that is a teaser image which features a traditional powder tub brightly colored red.

At this point with so little to go off, all we can do is guess what Magnum is cooking up. For that, we actually have two guesses which are that the mystery red supplement is either a pre-workout or amino. We’re going with those two purely because they’re two of the most competitive categories, and neither is an area the brand has entered something new in for some time.

The even more exciting news is we may not be waiting all that long for Magnum to officially unveil its next new product. The brand is saying it’ll be introduced sometime this October, which could mean we’ll see it in as early as two and a half weeks or around seven weeks at the end of the month.

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