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Maple Cinnamon Roll makes it 2 tastes for NLA’s Her Whey Bar

Maple Cinnamon Roll Her Whey Bar

Back in May when NLA launched its very first edible supplement, the For Her bar simply named the For Her Lean Protein Bar. Fans were given just the one flavor to choose from with the delicious sounding Cookie Dough.

Now, four months later the brand has decided it’s time to double the size of the protein bar’s menu with a second option. Officially joining NLA’s original Cookie Dough this month is another delicious recipe called Maple Cinnamon Roll.

Fans of NLA For Her can already purchase the new Maple Cinnamon Roll Her Whey Bar directly through the brand’s own online store. It will cost you a little more than the likes of at $30.99 per box, although it is the first place you can get the new flavor.

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