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Mass Gainer Extreme XXXX Muscletech’s slightly leaner gainer

Mass Gainer Extreme XXXX

Full details have finally been released for the entirely new mass gainer in Muscletech’s updated Lab Series. As previously confirmed, the name of the supplement is Mass Gainer Extreme XXXX which comes in a massive, eye-catching 20lb bucket much like the brand’s slightly heavier Mass-Tech Extreme 2000.

Muscle size and strength

If it wasn’t clear in the name, the goal of Muscletech’s Lab Series Mass Gainer Extreme XXXX is to help you put on mass. It comes nutritionally loaded with protein, carbohydrates, and fat, as well as a little something extra to help further improve muscle size and strength.

Mass Gainer XXXX macros

Each serving of the new Mass Gainer Extreme XXXX weighs in at a heavy 291g. It provides 50g of protein from a multi-phase blend of whey concentrate and isolate, and calcium caseinate. It also includes a solid 209g of carbohydrates with 12g of that sugar and 9g fiber, 5g of fat (3g saturated), for a total of 1,080 calories.

Mass Gainer Extreme XXXX

As mentioned there is an extra ingredient in Mass Gainer Extreme XXXX which is the classic and proven muscle builder creatine monohydrate dosed at 5g per serving. It is also worth mentioning that the product does have a relatively interesting carbohydrate blend to it that uses glucose polymers and the ModCarb blend of oat bran, quinoa, buckwheat, and millet.

Mass-Tech 2000 differences

If you’re a Muscletech fan, you may be wondering what separates this from the equally larger Mass-Tech Extreme 2000? The answer is Mass Gainer Extreme XXXX is leaner, at least as far as gainers go. It does have a few formula differences such as alternate protein sources and added creatine, however overall it is the nutrition. Mass-Tech Extreme has 25% more protein but 85% more carbs, with around 70% more calories.

Massive 20lb bucket

You can read a little more about Muscletech’s all-new gainer from its updated Lab Series on its website. You can also look forward to seeing it in stores in the coming months in two sizes, one of which is the massive 20lb bucket, and just the one flavor with Chocolate Fudge Brownie.