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Novo Protein Wafer: On point and deliciously addictive

Novo Protein Wafer Review

Since its release, we’ve had several opportunities to review Novo Nutrition’s protein packed snack, the Protein Wafer. Being the brand that it is, Novo has consistently improved the product releasing better and better versions as time has gone on. Today we’ve got our first ever review of the Novo Protein Wafer, as we feel the latest version is an experience well worth sharing.

Novo Protein Wafer macros

Before we get into how great the protein snack tastes, we’ll go over its always important macros. Each of the 38g bars packs a relatively light 12g of protein, 11g of carbohydrates with 6g of that sugar, 13g of fat (7g saturated), and a total of 200 calories.

The numbers are pretty much the same across all of Novo Protein Wafer’s flavors, with Vanilla being the most different at 210 calories. While the product isn’t the cleanest protein snack out there, with most bars having 20g of protein for the same amount of calories. The Protein Wafer is certainly not bad as the odd treat here and there.

Novo Protein Wafer Review

Not your typical protein wafer

The highlight of the Novo Protein Wafer, regardless of which flavor you try, is that it doesn’t have any horrible, dry aftertaste. The brand has managed to put together a product that allows you to enjoy the crunchy consistency of wafer layers mixed with a healthy dose of protein.

When you bite into a Novo Protein Wafer, the first thing you get is a nice big hit of flavor. With Chocolate, it is a deliciously sweet real chocolate like taste, with Chocolate Peanut Butter it’s a mostly sweet peanut butter flavor, then with Vanilla, the combination isn’t as sweet, but definitely recognizable as vanilla.

As you crunch down into the bar after that initial bite, you get the enjoyable consistency of wafers along with a few other, creamier layers of flavor. Usually, when you hit the wafer part of a protein bar things get a little less fun. In Novo’s Protein Wafer however, its strong title tastes overpower everything, except for in Vanilla where the flavor isn’t as intense as the other two.

Novo Protein Wafer Review

The wafers only really add to the product’s consistency with a crunchy, crispy feel to them. The combination of it all also leaves an almost annoying taste in your mouth after each bite, as you just want to have another. It makes them somewhat addictive and very difficult to even think about saving half for later.

Deliciously addictive

Basically, the latest take on the Novo Protein Wafer is deliciously unforgettable, and as mentioned a little bit addictive. The innovative snack brand has managed to create a surprisingly enjoyable protein infused wafer, perfect for anyone looking for a different kind of protein treat. It doesn’t quite have a competitive macro profile compared to a bar, but the taste of it all is certainly up there with some of the best.