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Nutrabio Pre reformulated with a handful of improvements

Nutrabio Pre

Nutrabio has reformulated its pre-workout supplement simply named Pre, resulting in the strongest version the brand has ever produced. A lot of changes have gone into the product, but like with all good reformulations, Pre’s overall goal is still the same, aiming to deliver a complete pre-workout experience.

New and improved Pre

The differences in the new Nutrabio Pre are spread out across the entire formula, and not tied down to one particular set of ingredients such as its energy or endurance blends. We’ll go over the changes one by one, breaking them down by the pre-workout effects they’re responsible for.

Increased ingredients

In the area of performance, strength, and pump, a lot of things are the same with just a few changes. Nutrabio Pre’s citrulline, agmatine, Nitrosigne, betaine, and leucine have all remained at the same doses. The few features altered are beta-alanine now at 3.2g instead of 2.5, creatine monohydrate at 3g instead of 2, and half a gram of Creatine MagnaPower in place of creatine HCl.

Nutrabio Pre

The last few differences are with Nutrabio Pre’s energy, focus, and hydration ingredients. The features the same here are the pre-workout’s TheaPure theanine, huperzine A, electrolytes, and 350mg blend of caffeine. The few changes are more choline bitartrate with half a gram, 1.5g of tyrosine instead of n-acetyl l-tyrosine, and 33% more taurine with 2g.

Exactly $2 a serving

Nutrabio’s new and improved Pre is already listed and available for purchase from The cost of the pre-workout supplement is now $39.99 for a full 20 serving tub, with an impressive five flavors to choose from in Green Apple, Tropical Fruit Punch, Raspberry Lemonade, Watermelon, and Unflavored.