Nutrabolics Semtex promising a variety of fat burning benefits

Nutrabolics Semtex

Nutrabolics has officially launched its new weight loss supplement that as previously suspected is called Nutrabolics Semtex. The product is, in fact, only the brand’s second new release for the year, following the arrival of its more stimulating pre-workout competitor Stim-X from back in May.

Variety of fat burning effects

The latest supplement from Nutrabolics promises to be quite the experience with a number of handy benefits. Semtex is designed to amplify and accelerate your metabolism to burn fat, enhance thermogenesis, help with cravings, as well as increase physical energy and mental focus.

Stimulant heavy formula

Backing up all of those interesting promises in Nutrabolics Semtex, are eight different, transparently dosed ingredients. The majority of those ingredients are actually stimulants, included to help the product follow through on its increased energy and focus effects.

Nutrabolics Semtex

The features making up the Semtex formula are 600mg of dendrobium, 400mg of phenylethylamine, 200mg of cayenne pepper, 100mg of bitter orange, 10mg of piperine black pepper, and a strong 200mg of TeaCrine theacrine. There is also 300mg each of caffeine and theobroma providing a total of 327mg of caffeine.

Semtex now available

According to Nutrabolics, along with today’s complete unveiling of Semtex, the supplement is now available as well. Based on that you can probably expect to see it in stores and on shelves sometime soon in the one 30 serving size.

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